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Presque Isle Lighthouse

Open Memorial Day - Labor Day
Weather Permitting

The Presque Isle Light Station, one of Erie’s most treasured historic sites, will be open to the public on a regular basis during the summer season. The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) signed a thirty-five year lease with the recently formed Presque Isle Light Station Board to restore the site as a heritage attraction. The lighthouse is located at Lighthouse Beach, on the north shore of Presque Isle State Park, in Erie, Pennsylvania. Dating from 1872-73, the lighthouse was leased in 2014 by the Board of Directors with two overriding goals in mind.

Our Two Principle Goals

Our first goal is to restore the lighthouse and grounds to a significant period of operation from 1901 through 1927. There are several photos from this era that will help bring authenticity to this phase of the project. Included in this year’s plans are the restoration of a wooden fence surrounding the site, in place of the current chain-link fence, and also a repainting of the oil shed to its original brick color.

Our second goal is to have the lighthouse open to visitors on a regular basis during the summer season. Efforts are underway to improve the surrounding grounds for the safety and convenience of our visitors. In addition to new public restrooms being installed by the DCNR, there will be a reconstruction of the existing garage to convert it into the Operation Center, a building that will include a waiting area, an office, and a gift shop. Safety lighting, new sidewalks and benches will also be installed, and safety repairs will be undertaken, wherever needed. Repairs are to be made to the lantern room along with an installation of a rail extension at the top of the tower

Come, Join The Fun!

In the summer of 2015 we had over 5,300 visitors, while being open for 30 days, only on weekends and only when the weather permitted a climb to the top of the tower. In 2016, we hope to be open perhaps as many as five days a week.

To facilitate the restoration, the grounds improvements, and the lighthouse tours, we need volunteers, memberships and donations. See this website for more information on all of this, as well as lighthouse history, current news, and some great photos.

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