There’s Something Happening Here

So much is happening at the lighthouse, or is just about to happen:

The construction of the restroom is being done now. The site is ready with electric and plumbing and the restrooms will be set in place very soon.

The reconstruction of the garage begins in a couple weeks to turn it into the Operation Center.

The inside of the lantern room and the outside of the tower are being refurbished.

Several trees were removed near the road to install the sewer system, and the propane tank was moved near the north side of the garage.

The sidewalks around the lighthouse will be poured and the fence installed in the near future.

Hopefully we can open for business on Memorial Weekend if construction permits visitors to enter.

Many volunteers made it possible for over 5300 visitors to tour the lighthouse in 2015.

We will need even more volunteers this year because the plan is to have the lighthouse open 3-5 days a week in 2016 due to the demand!

Join us and send us a friend or two to join the Volunteer Team. Applications can be downloaded from the website Check out the web site for details, pictures and membership info.

Also, circle the date of April 22 at TREC from 7:00- 8:00 pm for a presentation on the amazing Fresnel Lens. Contact me with your questions – Jackie (814-602-4044).