Our First Year

The lighthouse was open for thirty days during the summer starting Memorial Day weekend and ending Labor Day weekend. A dedicated group of 51 volunteers worked Saturdays and Sundays from 10 to 4 welcoming and educating 5357 visitors about life at the lighthouse.

On average, 74% of the weekend visitors were from outside of Erie County. The majority were from the other parts of PA. Also represented were 44 of the 50 states in the US including Hawaii.

In addition individuals from 10 foreign countries and Canada made the lighthouse a destination visit.


Some highlights from the first summer season:

  • A couple got engaged at the lighthouse 35 years ago and came back to celebrate their anniversary.
  • Two friends who were both 83 years old climbed the tower together because they wanted to do it for many years but it was never open.
  • A memorial service was conducted at the lighthouse for Portia Norton. The lighthouse will benefit for many years from her generous donation toward the restoration of the lighthouse.
  • Wooden bowls and wooden lighthouse towers made from the trees cut down around the lighthouse were sold to visitors.
  • Volunteer Appreciation Picnic was held at the lighthouse at the end of the season. Many volunteers will be back next summer.


Special thank you to the volunteers who made the Presque Isle Lighthouse “shine” for all of the visitors in 2015 season.

Join us for 2016 summer season. Volunteer information is available on this website.
be found on this website.

Coming Up :

  • The Lighthouse Keeper Contest
  • The Lighthouse Membership Drive