Lighthouse Timeline

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Old Presque Isle and Land Lighthouse and Fog Signal 006


1873 Presque Isle Lighthouse was put into service July 12, 1873.

1873 Fresnel Lens was installed in the tower with flashing red and white signal.

1886  400 linear foot wooden jetty constructed to stop the sand erosion in the front of the light station.

1894 “Tight Board Fence” was installed around the lighthouse to keep out the sand.

1896  Additional 17 feet 4 inches was added to the Presque Isle Lighthouse tower.

1898  Oil Shed was constructed near the northeast corner of the light station.

1899 Fog Signal House was approved for construction.

1899  The tower was painted white over the red brick. It stood out as a “day mark” for ships.

1901 Andrew Shaw Jr. was appointed keeper and stayed until 1927.

1921 Presque Isle was established as a State Park.

1924  Electricity was installed at the light station.

1925  The “old plank walk” from the light station to the boathouse at Misery Bay was replaced with concrete. Visitors can do the same 1.5 mile walk today.

1927 The road  on Presque Isle State Park was extended to the light station.

1927  Andrew Shaw Jr. retired abruptly as keeper on August 30 because the new road brought “too blasted many people.”

1927 Frank Huntington was appointed keeper until 1944.

1949 Light in the tower was automated by the Coast Guard.

1957 Indoor plumbing was installed by the resident in the light station.

1962 Fourth order Fresnel Lens was removed from the Lighthouse tower.

1983  Lighthouse was entered into National Register of Historic Places.

1989 Fifty-eight rubble mound break waters were installed along the shoreline to prevent beach erosion.

1998 Lighthouse was deeded to the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) from the Administrator of General Services for the United States.

2014 The Presque Isle Light Station, also known as the Presque Isle Lighthouse, transitioned from a park residence to a public building that will be restored to early 1900’s period and be open to the public.

2017  Gravesite commemorative ceremony was conducted for the last lighthouse keeper, Frank Huntington in recognition of National Lighthouse Day August 7, 2017.

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