Lake Erie Lights

Did you know that the Presque Isle Lighthouse is one of three lighthouses in Erie?


Presque Isle Lighthouse

Presque Isle Light House prerestoration

Key Facts:

Built: 1872-1873
1896 Tower raised 17 feet 4 inches

Painted: Day mark white paint applied in 1899.

Style: Exterior square brick tower
Interior circular brick tower
Spiral staircase
Attached to the keeper’s dwelling

Tower: 68 feet high
78 steps to the latern room

Lens: Fourth Order Fresnel Lens
Removed in 1962
Location Unknown

Illumination: Continues as a working aid to navigation, using 6 10-watt LED “donuts” to provide 60 watts of lighting to the signal. Visible for 13.5 nautical miles.

Location: North shore on Beach #9, Lighthouse Beach
Presque Isle State Park, Erie PA

Access: Open for tours (seasonal)


North Pier Light

Key Facts:

Built: 1830 original Pier Light
1867 present Pier Light
1882 and 1891 moved east 450 feet
1940 Tower moved to present site

Style: Square tapering black and white metal tower
Ladder staircase inside to the top

Tower: 34 feet high

Lens: Fourth Order Fresnel Lens
Removed in 1995
Displayed at Erie Maritime Museum

Illumination: Continues as a working aid to navigation with a red light to designate opening of the channel connecting Lake Erie with Presque Isle Bay (Big Bay).

Location: East end of North Pier, take access road to the Coast Guard Station and Houseboat community. Land Lighthouse is visible across the lake on the north shore on the east side of town.

Access: Tower is not open.
The pier is accessible to the public all year long.


Erie Land Lighthouse


Key Facts: FIRST lighthouse on the Great Lakes and in the Erie area.

Built: 1818 Original Lighthouse (wood)
1858 Second Lighthouse (brick)
1867 Present Lighthouse (stone)

Style: Conical sandstone with brick interior
Spiral staircase

Tower: 49 feet high
69 steps to the lantern room

Lens: Third Order Fresnel Lens
Removed in 1901
Location unknown

Illumination: Not a working aid to navigation.

Location: Lighthouse Street, Erie PA
East Lake Rd/Alt. Rt. 5

Access: Open to climb only for special events. Visible from the North Pier.
Lighthouse grounds accessible for visits. Keeper’s house is a private residence.



Lighthouse Map