Lighthouse Projects

Proposed Restoration and Reconstruction Projects

  • Remove sand along north and west side of the lighthouse fence.
  • Landscape the south side of the property to the road.
  • Replace the cement on the front porch.
  • Install the cement platform and hand water pump on the south side of the lighthouse.
  • Restore and repaint the Oil Shed.
  • Install benches and picnic tables on the lighthouse grounds.
  • Plant several trees on the lighthouse grounds.
  • Expand visitor parking areas along the road on both sides.
  • Construct a sand-box for young children near the picnic table.
  • Write the Strategic Plan to restore the lighthouse to the early 1900’s.

 Projects Completed

  • Remodel the existing garage into the Operations Center (3/2018: in progress, interior completion soon)
  • Extension of the gallery rail at the top of the tower. (2014)
  • Installation of handrails to the entrance of lighthouse. (2014)
  • Repairs to the lantern and windows in the top of the tower. (2015)
  • Updates to the utilities for the lighthouse. (Done by DCNR 2015)
  • Removal of the chain link fence and several large trees. (2015-16)
  • Installation of a public restroom. (Done by DCNR 2016)
  • Completion of an archaeological dig on lighthouse grounds. (2016)
  • Installation of the flag pole, “tight board” fence (fence will be white-washed once the wood cures), sidewalks, sprinkler system, outdoor lighting and the lawn. (Spring of 2017)



Work was completed on the new public restrooms in 2016, just east of the future Operations Center. The restrooms were  provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR). Reconstruction work will begin in 2017 to convert the existing garage into the Operations Center.  Most of the funds for both of these projects were provided by DCNR.

lighthouse fall 2014 ehw

beach view Lighthouse

Presque Isle Lighthouse before restoration